The Liberia Internet Governance Forum (Liberia IGF) is an  annual convergence of a multistakeholder in the internet development space in Liberia  but a series of events and workshop precedes the main event . Which ensures all stakeholders voices are heard in the process .  While the discussions give soft policy outcomes .

Liberia IGF is a knowledge sharing platform that informs and inspires policy actors in both the public and private sectors. The national forum also feeds into the regional and global IGFs through a chain of reporting and representation to the regional and global IGFs to ensure a bottom up Internet policy development processes and a strong link between global internet policies and the national one.

You can get involved by participating in the annual meetings at the conference venue, online or through our social media handles and express your views on Liberia Internet Governance issues.

To get involve stakeholder can send an email to the secretariat : [email protected] |[email protected]  

Main Objectives of Liberia IGF
Liberia IGF aims to provide a unique platform for an inclusive multi-stakeholder discussion on issues pertinent to the Internet development in general and Internet Governance issues in particular in Liberia . The Liberia IGF specific objectives as in line with the global IGF include:
· To increase awareness on Internet Governance for Liberian users to ensure that all stakeholders
- Build capacity of Liberians in the area of Internet Governance for Liberian users to ensure that all stakeholders are well prepared for contribution and interaction.
· To ensure that the concerns of Liberia are taken into account in area of policy development concerning Cybersecurity, Internet development as well telecommunication process.
· To put in place a coordinated Liberia process for dealing with Internet governance issues on the continent.
· To strengthen the multi-stakeholder dialogue model for Internet Governance in Liberia and the sub-region through regional and national forums.
· To ensure a multi-stakeholder representation of all parts of the continent
· To facilitate national and regional exchanges and interactions between countries and regions in continent.
· To facilitate the participation of Liberian stakeholders at WAIGF, Africa IGF and UN Global IGF  and other appropriate regional and national Internet Governance Forums.
· To promote use of internet and increase awareness on the cyberspace.

Liberia IGF secretariat
The Liberia IGF Secretariat is hosted by the Ministry of Post & Telecommunication  and supported by the West Africa IGF and Africa IGF, in accordance with the Joint stakeholders  in the Liberia Internet development space which include ISOC Chapter Liberia , Liberia Telecommunication Authority through is representative ,the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication and youth representative agreement on the Secretariat of the Liberia IGF, dated  August 2020. It is physically hosted at the MoPT Headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia.
Terms of Reference of Liberia IGF MAG
The Liberia Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) role is to assist in convening the Liberia IGF Meeting by preparing the programme, logistics and schedule and improve the IGF process through community consultations, outreach and stakeholder engagement. MAG members volunteer and serve in their personal capacity, and are expected to have established linkages with their respective stakeholder groups.
The key tasks include the following:
•    Develop the detailed programme of the IGF meeting, including the identification of themes, taking into account inputs of all relevant stakeholders;
•    Determine how best to plan, organize and facilitate the annual IGF meeting;
•    Coordinate panels and provide support and guidance to panelists, moderators and speakers at the meeting;
•    Promote the work of the IGF amongst all stakeholders and foster multistakeholder participation and collaboration;
•    Attend MAG meetings – virtual or in-person as and when the situation warrants);
•    Engage in outreach communication to the wider community and bring other networks related to Internet governance into the discussions and planning;
•    Explore new fundraising opportunities for contributions to support the event;
•    Identify emerging Internet governance issues and other areas in need of discussion, research or recommendation; and,
•    Any other role as may be agreed upon by the MAG.

It’s important to note that the decisions in the MAG meetings are by consensus, and members will have equal say. The discussions and planning will continue to take place throughout the course of June and July through in-person and virtual meetings.
MAG membership is renewed on a yearly basis contingent on their engagement and contributions and thereafter is rotated to enhance diversity and bring in new viewpoints. Lastly, MAG members serve on a voluntary basis.